How to Travel the World Like Brad Pitt: 7 Killer Movie Locations (and How To Get There)

Would you like to enjoy a vacation that makes you feel you are playing in a movie? If the answer is yes, we recommend an ittinerary inspired from Brad Pitt’s film locations.

  1. If you are in search of inner peace, mistery and landscapes that take your breath away, you have to try Lhasa, the Land of the Gods, the heart of Tibet.  It is difficult to reach, since all non-Chinese people must have a special permit and a guide along each day. You can arrive there by plane (Lhasa Gonggar Airport), bus (from any city of Tibet) or train, and the easyest way to obtain the permit is to belong to a group of at at least 4. This is a destination for the ones in search of authentic experiences like visiting the Jokhang Temple, the Potala Palace, the Norbulingka Summer Palace, the Barkhor Street market or the Tibet Museum.
  2. You can fall in love in Alberta, Canada, just like Tristan in Legends of the Fall. And how not to fall in love in one of the most wonderful corners of the planet? You can climb the Rockies, or just relax in an exquisite hotel, you can fish in the Pristine lakes or have a delicious meal in an luxurious restaurant.
  3. Or maybe you would like to study the civilization of Potsdam, Germany, a place filled with culture, where every stone has a story to say. The UNESCO recognized palaces and gardens invite you to get to know the history of Germany. You should definetly not miss the Sanssouci Palace or the Cecilienhof Palace and the historic quarters Russian Colony Alexandrovka, the Dutch Quarter, and the former Bohemian Weavers’ Quarter.
  4. Feel the freedom in the desert of Utah (location of the film Thelma and Louise). It is the perfect place for those who are fond of winter sports or adventure during the summer (rafting, hiking).
  5. Meet a beautiful vampire in Louisiana, where culture and “have fun” possibilities go hand in hand. Louisiana is the place where jazz was born. Hotels and cottages, rafinated dishes and meat pies, museums and natural beauties, culminating with the Mississippi river, create a space for all possibilities and all tastes.
  6. Party all you want in California (location of the movie Seven) and nobody will judge you for your sins.  The Pacific Ocean, the beaches, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Napa and I think we said it all. California is the dream of each tourist in search of high quality entertainment, because there is nothing you may dream of and not be able to do there.
  7. Take a trip to Montana and you will exclaim like Brad Pitt in A River Runs Through It: “I will neever leave Montana, brother!”. It is all misterious mountains and exciting valleys, small towns and friendly people. You cannot miss the glacier, the Yellowstone National Park and the opportunity to spend a dream holidays away from the noisy and polluted cities.

There is no guarantee that at the end of this itinerary you will feel like Brad Pitt, but, at least, when watching his movies along with your friends, you will be able to say “been there, done that”.

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