How to Visit Bali and Have the Time of Your Life … Without the Crowds

If you are looking for an exotic vacation, away from the day to day worries, the noise, the crowds, the technology, Bali is the perfect destination. If heaven is a place on earth, then maybe its location is this Indonesian island.

Mixing natural beauty with traditions and modern art, Bali is famous for the high number of tourists coming here each year to spend their vacation. Most of tourists are from Japan, China and Australia. The tourism industry is best developed in the southern part, especially in the towns of Kuta or Sanur. In 2010, Travel and Leisure offered the best island award to Bali.

So, take your soul mate and celebrate your love in Bali. The tropical island is well known for the high volcanoes, for the plantations of rice, for the festivals, for the temples and palaces (Pura, Tanah Lot, Tirta Empul), for the beaches, for the fast rivers, for the caves and the tropical forest, for the huge palmers and exotic flowers, for the elegant restaurants and chic boutiques, but also for its romance potential.

There are only two seasons in Bali: one wet (monsoon) – from the end of October until April – and one dry – the rest of the year. The preferred period for tourists is from May to September. Bali becomes crowded from June to September and also in December (for the winter holidays). So, if you want to escape from the crowd, it would be a good idea to choose another period.

It is common for Bali tourists to choose one of the organized tours by bus, car, ship or even plane. The best known trips are: Kintamani Volcano Tour, the “Mother Temple” and East Bali Tour, Bedugul Tour, North Bali Tour, Monkey Forest and Tanah Lot Tour, Handicraft Villages and Ubud Tour. But, if all you want is to be alone with your loved one, you can discover the beauty of Bali walking hand in hand with only a map to guide you.

As couples usually look for new experiences, Bali invites you to try out the traditional dances or just to enjoy the shows (barong, legong, kecak, fire dance, ramayana). Another special show is Wayang Kulit, a puppet show where the audience sees only the shadows.

After a long romantic walk on the beach, you can taste the exotic Indonesian food or, if you want something new all the time, you can try one of the exquisite restaurants serving international food.

For the more adventurous spirits and the ones who like sports, Bali offers a great variety of activities so that everybody’s wish can turn to reality. You can swim, snorkel, surf, wind surf, scuba dive, fish, cruise, participate in a submarine safari, raft, bungee jump, or you can play golf, tennis, squash, paintball or take a class for traditional cooking.

Bali is the perfect place for celebrating, discovering or rediscovering love. The mystique potential of the island and the diversity of activities that can be done together will make you rearrange your priorities and remember that all you need in order to be happy is the love of the person next to you.

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