Where to Holiday – Spain or Italy?

European travel is even more satisfying when you can stay at quality hotels during your vacation. The hotels in Spain and Italy are excellent examples of establishments that seek to serve their guests in various ways. They provide excellent accommodation, which let their guests experience the luxury of a fine vacation in a foreign country, while they simultaneously provide them with the tools to visit the exotic locales and remarkable sites in their vicinity.

Spanish Hotels

Many of the hotels in Spain are based around themes that relate to their particular region of the country and its notable history. Art is one of the major themes, as this nation has been home to some of the most famous artists from many different periods, dating all the way back to the Middle Ages. Gastronomy is another theme that draws international tourists who come seeking that distinct Spanish flavor in food. Numerous locations around Spain, especially on the countless beaches, offer guests more than a glimpse into the natural beauty that has always characterized this region of the world.Barcelona Hotels

To take advantage of these themes, hotels are prepared in a variety of styles. Some are rustic and introduce their guests to the countryside of this country. Others will transport guests back into the opulence of an earlier age, when Spain ruled most of the known world during the 16th century.

Italian Hotels

It was once said that all roads lead to Rome. That may not be entirely true anymore but anyone traveling in Europe for some time will eventually want to make their way to Rome, which is known as the Eternal City in some circles. The hotels of this ancient capital of civilization, are situated to let customers enjoy their stay indoors and facilitate their trips to the various sites of interest around the city.

The names of many of these hotels give away the theme, region or aspect of history that they wish to promote. The Hotel Pantheon will deliver you in a short time to the memorable Pantheon itself, ancient home of Roman religion and the present site of almost equally ancient Catholic worship. Other hotels will keep you close to whichever theme or age of the city that you find most interesting and remarkable. Whether you like the story of ancient Republican Rome, Imperial Rome, or the medieval capital of Christianity, you can find hotels here to cater to your interest.

Spain and Italy are two countries that are so old and so full of history, that you must have assistance in order to enjoy them to the fullest during your stay. If you want to experience both the history and the art of these countries, consult with a travel agent about which hotels would be best for you in each region. Take advantage of the varied environments and inhabitants to visit different hotels in different regions of each country. The opportunities you can find in Spanish and Italian hotels will leave you wishing that you had more time to spend in these countries.

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